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Do you like Seafood? Find out where the best seafood comes from!

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Do you know that the best seafood comes from Galicia, the north of Spain? But how and why???

Let’s find out!


Spanish cuisine attracts millions of tourists to our peninsula with the promise of trying the best seafood. If you’ve ever been to Spain, I’m sure you tried great seafood, whichever coast you visited. Still, you must have noticed that, at a restaurant, many seafood dishes mentioned Galicia as the place of origin. Mejillon Gallego? Percebes Gallegos? Navajas Gallegas? Does this ring a bell?

If you’re looking for the best of the best seafood, you should go to Galicia. Marine biologists have long since agreed that no other seafood can compare in flavor!

But what factors make Galician seafood so special?

The first factor is the shape of the Galician coast itself. The coastline is not linear, but with abrupt shifts and many offshore islands, which stimulates a great variety of marine ecosystems. Galician shore provides an abundance of mollusk species, unlike Valencian, French, or Portuguese coasts, which have linear structures and, therefore, monotonous ecosystems.

The second factor is the upwelling phenomenon. Upwelling moves the surface waters offshore and, instead, provides cold waters rich with nutrients from the deepest parts of the ocean. This stimulates the growth of plants and makes the ecosystem very productive.

Curiously, the upwelling exists in other parts of the world, like the Californian coast. But only in Galicia, it is complemented by the unique structure of the shore. Together they play a vital role in the development of marine ecosystems and allow Galicia to have the best seafood!


And finally, the rias that are formed along the Galician coast protect the waters that enter them. Many marine animals prefer to come to nestle in these rias to ensure the survival of their newly hatched ones.

And this is how the best seafood is found in Galicia thanks to these three natural circumstances coexisting on one coast! :))

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