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How to Clean Artichoke for Paella

How to Clean Artichoke for Paella

Cleaning an artichoke is really tricky and you will never guess how to do it without some guidance! In fact, the main part of this flower (yes, artichoke is a flower!) is not edible.

From the outside, artichoke offers no enticement to be eaten – all prickly leaves and tough skin and the inside is even worse with its fuzzy hair layer, no other vegetable has a part of its anatomy that is literally called a choke. Artichokes fall into that category of food titled, “Who Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Eat That?”

Despite all this, an artichoke is surprisingly delicious and very nutritious, rich in minerals, vitamins, so don’t let it’s prickly and thorny outsides keep you from eating it fried, grilled, steamed!

This video How to Clean Artichoke | Helina Sanchez is recorded for my students as a part of preparation instructions for my Online Paella Cooking classes.

And you can use this way to clean artichoke whenever you are going to cook artichoke for any recipe.

Very much looking forward to our Paella Cooking Experience!

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