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Are you planning to organise a team building event for your company?

Educational, practical and interactive, our paella cooking class corporate event, taught by professional chef teachers, offer intensive and practical training aimed at acquiring the knowledge and skills to prepare paellas and rice dishes with different bases and products.

Discover our culinary courses on Spanish paella

Specially designed for teamwork, our cooking team building are presented in a professional kitchen environment where each participant has a specific job to do and where the successful completion of each participant’s work leads the team to a common goal: the creation of a delicious and spectacular dish: paella.

In preparing paella, participants must communicate effectively, work as a team and be creative in problem solving, reflecting the dynamics crucial to any successful working environment.

All our paella cooking class corporate event are 85% hands-on and involve our ‘Learning by Doing’ methodology. During the sessions, the chef teacher makes various preparations while explaining the different culinary techniques used, the characteristics of the ingredients, suggesting alternatives and giving advice.

Afterwards, the participants will put into practice the concepts and techniques taught always with the advice and guidance of the Paella Barcelona Cooking School chefs.


Our paella cooking class corporate event are designed for corporate team building, combining the learning of professional cooking techniques with activities that strengthen teamwork. By carrying out activities that are different from the daily work activities, team cohesion is strengthened, optimising collaboration and synergy between colleagues.

Corporate Paella Workshops in Barcelona
Virtual Corporate Cooking Workshops


Aimed at food lovers and cooking enthusiasts, our Paella Cooking Classs are the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Spain’s rich culinary culture.

Paella Cooking Classes in Barcelona
Online cooking Classes

Why companies choose us?

Our corporate paella workshops are the preferred choice for team building, strengthening team spirit by learning something new together. Designed specifically to encourage learning together in a relaxed, hands-on environment, these workshops not only teach the essential professional techniques for cooking the iconic Spanish paella, but also introduce participants to other famous Spanish recipes.

Learning to cook together is not only an enriching and educational activity, but also becomes a powerful team building tool, improving collaboration and mutual understanding between colleagues.

Creating an interactive, participatory and even competitive environment, our workshops capture everyone’s attention, ensuring an in-depth learning experience. Upon completion, each participant will take away not only solid culinary knowledge, but also practical skills, with the confidence to replicate the recipes learned at any time.

Beyond cooking techniques, our paella cooking class corporate event is an excellent opportunity to strengthen connections within your team. As they learn together, your staff will develop stronger bonds and share moments that will become valuable memories for years to come.

Our clients frequently tell us how teams continue to remember the experience of our culinary workshop long after they have participated in it, highlighting the positive and lasting impact of our cooking team building approach.

Our cooking classes & cooking workshops in Barcelona and online

Discover the essence of Spanish cuisine through our cooking classes and workshops in Barcelona and online, designed to ignite the culinary passion in each participant, either in person or from the comfort of your home.

small team


Small teams

Intimate paella workshops for companies, where, in addition to strengthening bonds, the secrets of authentic Spanish paella are revealed.

medium teams


Medium size teams 25-50 pax

Personalised culinary experiences to learn culinary techniques in teamwork

big teams


Big teams 80-300 pax

Large-scale paella workshops for companies, designed to bring teams together as they learn the step-by-step of this iconic Spanish dish.

signature class


Signature paella class

Master the art of authentic paella with advanced techniques.

classic class


Classic paella class

Learn how to prepare paella like a local, with traditional recipes.

simple class


Simple paella class

Quick and easy introduction to the world of paella.

online sangria

Online class

Sangria & Pan con Tomate

Combine two Spanish classics in a fun cooking session.

online paella

Online class

Paella & Sangria

Learn how to cook the perfect paella and pair it with homemade sangria.

online tapa

Online class

Tapas & Sangria

Create a variety of delicious tapas and refresh with authentic sangria.

About us

At our cooking school, we offer a unique learning experience where culinary enthusiasts can quickly master the essential professional techniques and methods to prepare the rich and varied recipes of Spanish rice-based gastronomy: from paellas to mellow, brothy and dry rice dishes.

Our participants acquire fundamental knowledge, discover traditional recipes, and learn about the different types of rice, key concepts and culinary techniques.

All our classes are hands-on, educational workshops led by expert chefs, designed for students to collaborate and learn together the art of cooking paella and other Spanish rice specialities, in an environment that promotes both the development of culinary skills and teamwork.

Brands that took our cooking classes and loved them

Discover the companies and brands that have participated in our paella courses and workshops for companies and have fallen in love with the experience! With our cooking team building workshops, they have strengthened their teams and enriched their corporate culture.


What companies say

Explore the testimonials from companies that have experienced our cooking team building workshops.

Brent Boon


Helina is a great host, who gets right down to the business, teaching you create some of her favorite Tapas, from her home in Spain. We did this experience as a team of over 30+ and people came away feeling like they learned something new, and had a great time

Annie Shin


We did this cooking workshop with our team at work, and it was educative, collaborative, interactive, and fun!

Delicious food was cooked  by our team with easy-to-follow directions. Thank you!

Martin Brunk


We booked Helina’s cooking paella course for team building with our remote workers all over U.S. and had a blast!
She is awesome we have nothing but good things to say about the experience. From the first moment of booking to the end of the cooking course, it was one exceptionally good experience. And the food also turned out excellent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cooking courses does Paella Barcelona Cooking School offer?

We offer a wide range of courses both in Barcelona and online, including paella cooking class corporate event, corporate cooking team building workshops and personalised courses for individuals. Our courses range from the preparation of authentic paella to other traditional Spanish recipes.

Do I need to have previous cooking experience to attend the courses?

No, our cooking classes for companies or individuals are designed to suit all skill levels, from beginners to more experienced cooks looking to perfect their Spanish cooking skills.

How long are the cooking courses?

The duration of our courses varies, but most of our online and classroom paella workshops last approximately 3 hours, during which time you will prepare a paella and discuss other recipes or culinary techniques.

What do the cooking workshops include?

All our workshops include expert instruction by professional chefs, all the ingredients needed for the class, and access to detailed recipes so you can recreate the dishes at home.

Can I organise a culinary team building event with Paella Barcelona Cooking School?

Yes, organising a cooking team building event with Paella Barcelona Cooking School is an excellent option. Learning to cook together, especially dishes that bring people together like paella, is a unique and effective team building activity, offering a different and memorable experience outside the work environment.

Do you offer certificates at the end of the course?

Yes, at the end of the course, each participant who successfully completes the course will receive a diploma in recognition of their achievement.

How can I book a paella workshop for companies at Paella Barcelona Cooking School?

If you are interested in organising a paella workshop for your company, you are in the right place. At Paella Barcelona Cooking School, we offer you a unique culinary experience designed to strengthen the bonds of your team.

Contact us through our contact form, by calling our phone number (+34)633 795 660 or through our email hello@paellabarcelona.com

Are the online cooking courses interactive?

Absolutely. Our online cooking classes  are designed to be as interactive as the face-to-face ones, where we talk about different topics, participants tell their stories and experiences in the kitchen, we answer any questions, etc.

What health and safety measures are in place for on-site courses?

The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority. We comply with all local health guidelines, including the use of face masks, frequent disinfection of surfaces and limiting the number of participants to ensure social distancing.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

To ensure that everyone can enjoy our workshops for companies and private groups in a safe and enjoyable way, we follow a detailed protocol. First of all, we ask for all information about allergies and food restrictions to be sent to us in advance.

In addition, we take strict measures to prevent cross-contamination. This includes the use of separate utensils exclusively for preparing food for people with dietary restrictions and we keep allergenic ingredients separate from the rest of the food to minimise any risk of contact.

What types of paella are learned in the corporate workshops?

In our paella cooking class corporate event, the selection of the type of paella or rice dishes to be cooked is decided in conjunction with our clients, allowing us to customise the experience according to the interests and tastes of the team. Options include:

  • Seafood Paella
  • Mixed Paella
  • Valencian meat paella
  • Black rice
  • Vegan Paella

Why is Paella the best dish for a cooking team building?

Paella is ideal for cooking team building because of its ability to foster collaboration and communication among participants. This traditional Spanish dish is not only delicious, but also symbolises togetherness and festivity, central elements in Spanish culture.

Preparing paella requires attendees to collaborate closely, communicate clearly and apply creativity in problem solving, reflecting skills crucial to success in any work environment.

In addition, the act of cooking this stew together acts as a potent symbol of business synergy, strengthening interpersonal relationships and underlining the importance of each team member, regardless of position or seniority.

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If you want to contact us about same day reservation give us a call at
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