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Mussels in White Wine. Easy Tapas recipe

Mussels in White Wine. Easy Tapas recipe

Steaming mussels in white wine is the best, easiest and fastest way to cook mussels!

Here are my simple tips for cooking delicious mussels.

Remember that when you buy mussels, they are alive, that’s why it is better to buy mussels in a trusted seafood shop. Better to buy them uncleaned just because after cleaning they don’t feel well 🙂

Really nice thing about mussels is their price. For example, at the best Seafood market Boqueria in Barcelona you can buy the best mussels for the price of no more than 4 euros per kilo.

You should keep them alive until cooking, so take them off any ice, wrap them in a wet towel, and store them in a fridge. Just before cooking clean your mussels. First, look through them carefully in case some are cracked or chipped, if yes then throw those mussels away. Most mussels have a “beard,” which is just their fibers that emerge from the shell, so pull it out and then brush mussels’ shell with a firm, better metallic brush to eliminate all sand and barnacle. Rinse the cleaned mussels under cold water, and then move on to cooking them.

Steam mussels with a glass of white wine for several minutes until they open. If any of the steamed mussels have not opened, just throw those not opened mussels away. Serve mussels with lemon and parsley.

Great to eat mussels with Spanish Alioli sauce. Check my video about how to make authentic Alioli sauce 

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