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Pan con Tomate or Bread with Tomato. The staple of Catalan cuisine! Vegan recipe


Bread with tomato (pà amb tomàquet or pà amb tomata in the Catalan language, pà amb oli in Mallorca), also called «pan tumaca», is a traditional Spanish snack. It is considered one of the typical examples that define the Mediterranean diet, spread as a traditional recipe throughout Spain. It consists of a slice of bread with half a ripe tomato scrubbed and seasoned with olive oil, salt and garlic.

If you don’t have “right” tomato, you can easily substitute it making tomato paste from the any ripe fresh tomato!

Ingredients 2 servings: 

🥖 Bread 4 slices. Some rustic crusty bread or baguette is a good option! 

🍅 Tomato 2-3 ripe & juicy, medium-size. Ideally to have Catalan tomatoes that called”Tomate para penjar” or “Tomate para pan”, which literally means “tomato for bread”. But if you are far away from Spain any juice tomato will work. Cherry tomato is a good option! 

🧄 Garlic 2 cloves

Very typical to serve Pan con Tomate with Jamon Serrano or Iberian (Spanish ham), Fuet (Catalan sausage) and Manchego cheese.

So, optional ingredients are:

🥓 Several slices of Jamon Serrano or Iberian, Chorizo, Fuet 

🧀 Manchego cheese, or any cheese you like. 


Sure you will love this recipe!

Enjoy your meal!

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